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Accelerate e-Health Application Development

Test Level 7TM (TL7TM) is a suite of test tools that are used by developers, QA personnel and business analysts who are writing e-Health client applications for the pan-Canadian infrastructure.

One of the biggest difficulties faced by developers and testers is the lack of a working sandbox environment throughout most of the development process. Now, you can use TL7 to help build messages, respond to your requests, and understand how your application will work in different jurisdictions. TL7 will save you valuable development and testing time and effort.

  • Data Sets
    Switch between multiple data sets and restore snapshots

  • Client Registry
    Easily manage client information through our graphical user interface (GUI)

  • Medical Profile
    Manage patient conditions, immunizations, observations and more

  • Special Handling
    Simulate delays, errors, or return custom responses

  • Prescription Management
    Prescription , dispensing information and more is easily managed

  • Data Load
    Single entry or batch uploads via our GUI, HL7 messages or excel sheets

  • Drugs
    Pre-loaded drug database to facilitate testing

  • Message Logs
    All requests and responses are logged for viewing

  • Publish Notifications
    Send global messages to clients of your registry

Data sets

A data set contains the data for your registry. Create and switch between multiple data sets to suit your development needs. Create snapshots of your data set at points in time and restore them as needed

Share your data set with other users for them to use. In the 'Users' portal, see how 'jane' is allowing the 'demo' user to use 'jane's data set'

The 'demo' user can now choose to use's the shared 'jane's data set'

Client registry

View, add, edit, and remove people and their information easily with a graphical user interface.

Search for people by their characteristics (name, identifiers, gender, whether or not they have prescriptions, etc.)

View, add, edit, and remove names, roles, identifiers, etc. to your people.

Special handling

Test your application's ability to handle special situations by simulating delays, errors, or by returning custom canned responses to chosen requests. Set up your own trigger conditions to add issues to message responses. Special handling allows you to specify certain actions that are to be performed when this person is the Author of a request. Select 'Add special handling' to set up special handling for this person.

Medical profile

Manage a person's medical profile by adding, removing, and editing information

Prescription management

Manage a person's prescriptions and dispense information. Create using the graphical user interface or by sending an HL7 message.

Data Load

Don't want to add people using the GUI or by sending HL7 messages? Try batch loading people by entering their information in an Excel spreadsheet. Or load a person from a core data set.


Find and use drug/non-drug products by name, ingredient, etc.

Message Logs

All processed requests and responses are logged and viewable for your active data set.

Drill down and view the details of the message request and response

Publish Notifications

Send global messages to clients of your registry

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