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What is HL7?

Health Level Seven (HL7) is a not-for-profit international organization that is focused on creating protocol standards for data interoperability in the healthcare space. HL7, the organization, has developed a messaging standard that enables disparate healthcare applications to exchange key sets of clinical and administrative data. This messaging standard is also often referred to simply as HL7.

Intelliware is an active member of the HL7 organization.

For further information about the organization and its vision, please visit www.hl7.org.

For a more detailed technical perspective on how an HL7 message is constructed and used, click here.

White Papers and Case Studies

White paper

White paper: HL7 Test Sandbox

Easing the pain of e-Health development

What makes HL7 integration hard? In this white paper, we discuss some of the aspects of HL7 integration that are more complex than most developers expect.

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Case study 1

Case study: Harder Software

Ian Harder of Harder Software Ltd. is an e-Health consultant working with a large, international retailer with a national pharmacy chain in Canada.

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Case study 2

Case study: MedRunner

MedRunner Health Solutions is a Canadian e-Health company that supports the development of healthcare-related ICT solutions. The company's core product is an electronic prescribing solution that can be accessed through the Internet on a desktop or from a mobile application.

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Interesting Links

HL7.org Website

HL7.org is the official website of the organization that manages the HL7 specification.


GForge provides access to a number of tools used to work with HL7 standards deliverables.

IHTSDO Home Page

IHTSDO is the organization that manages the SNOMED standard -- one of the largest vocabulary/code sources for the health care domain.

Canada Health Infoway home page

Canada Health Infoway is the organization that manages and maintains the e-Health standards in Canada.

PEI's Implementation Guide

PEI was the first province that deployed an HL7-based e-Health environment. Their implementation guide is available on the web.

Newfoundland and Labrador's Vendor Extranet

Unfortunately, Newfoundland requires vendors to register for access to their vendor guides and other materials.

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