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As part of the broader TL7 initiative we have built a secure, comprehensive user registration system that can be used to help users of our Validation Tool track the messages they have processed. To register simply click here, provide a userid and password, and you will be added to the system automatically. Once registered, you will be able to view a log of your processed messages by selecting the "Validated Messages" submenu underneath the "Logs" main menu. It will help you to track the history of your message validation and aid your overall message troubleshooting as you go through development.

Why Sign Up for the 30-day Free Trial?


Intelliware is making HL7 message validation available to everyone – but TL7 is much more than just message validation. Here's a quick overview of what TL7 has to offer:

  • Complete Sandbox Environment
    Assists development and testing of HL7 v3 e-Health applications

  • Provides Client and Provider Registries
    Create shared or private datasets for testing purposes

  • Shared or Private Datasets
    Create shared or private datasets for testing purposes

  • Model Patients and Providers
    Query data in powerful and flexible ways

  • Implements the CeRx Messaging standard
    Support for the pan-Canadian Electronic Drug (“CeRx”) Messaging Standards

  • Contains the Health Canada drug database
    Drug Identification Numbers (DINs) as well as drugs listed by PIN

  • REST or SOAP
    Send messages using standard protocols

When you sign up for the 30-day free trial of our premium services, you will be able to access the full functionality that TL7 has to offer.

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Feature Comparison Chart

Basic Service Premium Service
Code set documentation
Datatype documentation
Message documentation
OID Directory
Message Validation
Release Version Comparison
Process Message
  • Client Registry
Process Message
  • Provider Registry
  • Location Registry
  • Pharmacy
  • Shared Health Record
  • Consent
  • Immunization
  • Newfoundland
SOAP / REST Message processing with diagnostics  
Private test data set of patients, providers, locations, prescriptions, and electronic health records to support message processing  
Private test data of issue triggers (e.g. drug interactions)  
Shared database of drugs  

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